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Dreaming of riding OZ Trails – Come explore with the Only Guides licensed by the people who created them! 

OZ Cycling Tours - Mountain Bike Capital of the World
OZ Cycling Tours
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See for yourself the Wonderful Land of OZLittle Sugar, Back 40, Blowing Springs, Coler Mountain Bike Preserve,  Slaughter Pen,   Hobbs,  Handcut Hollow, Centennial Park, Lake Atalanta, Devils Den, Mt Kessler.

Sugar Creek Road Gravel

Maybe you wanna Grind Some Gravel! We ride it 3-5 times a week and Love it! Whether its the hills in Bella Vista over to Pea Ridge up to Missouri and back.  Head west to Gravette and Decatur over some rolling hills and vast fields. Or maybe the open spaces by XNA where its smooth and full of farm land!
We got you covered.

paved trail oz cycling tours razorback greenway

 Perhaps on a paved trail, just a nice afternoon cruising with  family and friends on the The Northwest Arkansas Razorback Regional Greenway or throughout downtown Bentonville with stops at restaurants and breweries.
We’re happy to show you it all!

The word is out and people are stoked! Year-round riding, Beautiful scenery, Wonderful people and over 300 miles of world-class Mountain Biking, Gravel, and Paved Trails! It’s not hard to see why so many cyclists have NWA on their bucket list’s. In fact,  we are the Mountain Bike Capital of the World!


mountain biking bella vista arkansas vista trail
Vista Mountain Bike Trail

 Benefits of Riding with the Pros.

We’ve Been here from the start, ride everything when it opens and watch for updates! We know the trails inside and out!

Pea Ridge Grave Ride
Pea Ridge Grave Ride


Saves time – Whether your a visitor or resident, expert, novice, or beginner. We know that your time is valuable, our cycling tours get you quickly out on the most amazing trails completely immersed in your Ozark adventure while eliminating the need to study apps and maps to find the best route to ride. Save a lot of time and frustration by leaving it to our expert guides. We ensure that you will have the most exciting and memorable riding experience in the time you have allotted.

OZ Cycling Tours - Handcut Hollow

Custom tours – OZ Cycling Tours specializes in custom tours for all levels of rider! whether it is an Individual, couple, family, group, team or team building participants. All are welcome. We can customize a ride for you that will match the trails, trail difficulty, and length your skills and enthusiasm can handle.

More FUN – Our goal is to help every rider, regardless of their skill level, experience the beauty and splendor of NWA. We push to make sure our clients have the experience they are dreaming of while aiding and support along the way. What would make your ride even better?


Riding Tips –We give tips, point out obstacle to try, and teach proper techniques to those who want them. We were all beginners once too and Regardless of where you are in your cycling journey, there’s always little things to improve on but we’re happy to just ride with you too.

mountain biker on back 40 bella vista

Pro Guides –  Ryan & Adam West and lead Guides Jesse Arivett & Mariah White with tens of thousands of miles logged are as passionate as they come! “All of us are locals, ride these trails weekly, and can give you the inside scoop to help make your trip as exciting and fun as possible”.

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