Corporate Team Building

Team Building can be one of the most important parts of running a company, your team needs to be able to work through any situation or deadline and not kill each other. If you’re the manager, and you’re trying to find ways to get them to build trust in each other, it can be a nightmare. There are many options out there, but here in NWA the Mountain Biking Capital, we suggest going for a bike ride! Here are a few great reasons A Cooperate Team Building Bike Ride could be right thing for you.

1. It forces you to get out of work mode.

One of the main elements of a successful team building is to get your employees away from their workstation and out of the frame of mind that comes with it.

Bike rides, for most part, is associated with fun and joy. Your out in the weather, in the wind, in control of you own path, and your focused on just what’s Infront of you; it’s the best way to disconnect, relax, and get out of work mode.

2. Exercise makes you happy.

Raising your heart rate releases endorphins into your blood stream giving you more energy and burns calories that sitting behind a desk can pack on day after day, which will slow your metabolic rate and make you tired: an energetic team gets work done faster and more efficiently.

3. NWA grows every day, what a better way to show off their new/old home then on a bike.

whether your a new or old company here in NWA your team is made up of new and old residents. If they don’t know where things are in town, the best position to be in is the ones who show off what’s new around town. It’s a win-win, they fall in love while loving their job and the area they live in.

At Oz Cycling Tours, we offer green way tours from Bentonville to Bella Vista to Rogers to Fayetteville and further to check out new restaurants and the local scene. We can take you on the best gravel roads in the area and push the miles to beautiful areas you’d never see before. We have numerous MTB trails leaving directly from town through our amazing Ozark Mountains to hidden gems, like swimming holes, waterfalls and natural features.

4. Group exercise makes it easier to bond with the whole team

Your only as strong as your weakest link, in a team each member has to be able to help the other or nothing gets done. Cycling can put you in a situation where you need to be able to lean on each other (sometimes physically) to get to the end goal. You’ll learn who can be a team leader or see that another strength aren’t as they should be. Good or bad it will show you the right path and that’s a great foundation to build from.

While a bike tour or group ride certainly won’t have you crying, there are bound to be some more intermediate-to-difficult portions of the ride that will help you see your colleagues in a new, more sympathetic light.

5. It may be outside of some people’s comfort zones.

Not everyone is an expert bike rider or entirely comfortable on a bike(esp in the MTB capital) Some move here for the biking, but a lot just love the outdoors, and this place has it all! In NWA that’s perfectly all right, because that’s where the real peanut butter and jelly of a team building exercise comes into play.

Choosing to do something outside of someone’s comfort zone asks others to step up in new ways, whether it’s offering assistance or sharing experience, giving tips and tricks, or practicing patience and empathy. Building someone up can allow you to connect like you couldn’t before.

6. It’s cost-effective.

Finally (this may be the only reason you need), bike tours are one of the most affordable and cost-effective group activities out there. We are partnered with one of the largest bike shops in NWA offering great rates on rentals, transportation, and local insight.

Sure, you could spend hundreds renting out a venue or buying tickets for a big event. Why do that when you can see the beauty of your city from the best seat in the world? We all grow through hardship but let’s not let is break the bank while doing it.

Price Breakdown:

Corporate Team Building ($100 per person, discounts over 10 participants)

Any additional questions on pricing please email us at [email protected]


Shuttling prices upon request.