Gravel Rides – Tours In Bentonville | Bella Vista | Fayetteville AR

Looking for Gravel Tours in Bentonville, Bella Vista and Fayetteville AR?  You found the right place. We are currently offering gravel grinder rides out of Bella Vista, Bentonville and Fayetteville Arkansas.

Why choose OZ Cycling gravel tours?

✅ Spend your valuble time having fun, not checking maps
✅ Experience the best trails in NWA.
✅ The perfect gift idea!
✅  Enjoy the ride and socializing with cyclists of similiar ability.
✅  Meal included on Full Day rides

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What To Wear & Bring: Helmet, athletic/cycling clothing, gloves, and a mask or face covering. Due to cooler weather layers are always ideal with a wind proof outer shell. Please bring everything you will need to change a flat, our guides will assist you if you need help but every rider is responsible for bringing their own supplies for the day including personal snacks, at least two full water bottles or a hydration pack full of water or some kind of electrolytes. Please make sure bikes are properly tuned and riding correctly. Please have tires that are specific to gravel or mountain biking. Also, be sure to bring a flashing Rear Red Light.

Tour Guides: 
Adam – @Adam-West-OZcyclingtours
Allie – @Allie-Corlett
Jesse – @Jesse-Arivet
Ryan – @Ryan-West-OZcyclingtours
Be sure to show the love to your guide that went the extra mile for YOU.  They will greatly appreciate it!!